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Tip of the Week: Runner on the Wall (Hips Part 3)

This week Fitness Director Dustin Miller and Thera-Ex Aide Jessica Bowen demonstrate Runner on the Wall, part 3 in our 4-part series on hip "stabilization" or strengthening. This exercise is especially important for runners of all levels and those of us who walk regularly for exercise. Like all of Precision's "Tip of the Week" exercises, this movement looks easy but if you are doing it correctly, you will likely need to rest between sets in order to maintain proper form. Runners and walkers who can master this exercise will improve their form, increase endurance and pump up the power in each step. Why does form matter when you are simply walking, anyway? Science tells us that movements we do every day change the way our skeleton and muscles are shaped and how they interact with one another. Proper walking form will allow you to continue walking longer distances on more challenging terrain later in life when poor movement habits take their toll. Proper walking form will also decrease your risk of injury every time you walk (every day, anyone?). Questions or comments are welcome as we continue to tailor our tips to the needs of our audience!


Tip of the Week: Reverse Lunge (Hips Part 2)

This is the second video in a series of hip strengthening exercises. Almost everyone under-uses their hips muscles in athletics and during everyday activity, causing pain in overcompensating knees, backs, butts and pelvises. Our 'Hips' series will help to isolate these muscles and give you the tools you need to change the way you move for the better. Let us know how it's going at home in the comments below and follow along weekly for increasingly difficult hip exercises.

Tip of the Week: Quadraped Rock-back (Hips Part 1)

This week we're shifting focus from core strength to hip strength. Co-owner Dr. Chris Christensen, CSCS, DNSET and Fitness Director Dustin Miller demonstrate a basic exercise meant to isolate your hips and ensure they are getting the attention they need to help prevent back and leg strain over time. Whether you're an athlete, runner, weekend warrior or just trying to develop proper movement skills, using your hips properly will not only lessen your chances of injury but also enhance your performance. You can follow along over the next few weeks simply integrating this simple set of exercises into your daily routine. We appreciate your comments so we can tailor these videos to our community of movement fans!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Intra-abdominal pressure with rolling (Core Part 3)

Dr. James Vegher (co-owners of Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness) and Fitness Director Dustin Miller bring us the most challenging core exercise yet, creating intra-abdominal pressure and incorporating your whole body weight by rolling. This exercise may sound easy, but done correctly it can be a great challenge for your core, back and hips.


Dr. James Vegher (co-owner of Precision Physical  Therapy & Fitness) and Fitness Director Dustin Miller take it to the next level this week by expanding on last week's basic tip on properly engaging your core muscles. Watch and learn as they add some resistance to this concept and challenge Dustin's ability to maintain proper form while bringing the heat: the weight of his arms and legs. If this exercise is easy, regardless of your fitness level, you are doing it incorrectly. We recommend practicing this movement for 10 -15 minutes per day or until you cannot maintain correct form due to fatigue in the lower abdominal area being exercised. This simple movement is a great alternative to crunches or traditional ab building exercises that advocate pulling your belly button to your spine while engaging your core, a movement that will unequivocally weaken your back and could even cause permanent damage. Happy muscle building!

Tip of the Week: Creating Intra-Abdominal Pressure (Core Part 1)

Dr. James Vegher (co-owner of Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness) and Fitness Director Dustin Miller demonstrate how to create intra-abdominal pressure (core part 1) in a series of videos demonstrating basic physical fitness and movement skills. The is the first in a series of three videos on establishing core strength, the first step in learning about proper human movement techniques. Learning how to create IAP will allow you the basic skill to breathe and contract your abs correctly. Follow us on YouTube, Facebook or here for weekly tips and tricks to keep your body healthy and fit!

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