Physical Therapy Jobs at Precision

Transform Your Career and Your Patients’ Lives with cutting-edge mentorship, continuous learning, and the opportunity to grow, Precision invests in your success and your patients’ health.

Physical Therapy Job Training for the Real World

Whether you’re fresh out of school or a seasoned practitioner, finding a physical therapy clinic that supports your career goals and your ability to provide patients with the best care possible can be challenging. At Precision, we attract and retain top PT talent because we believe in doing physical therapy differently. Our mission is to provide unparalleled care to our patients while fostering an environment where our therapists can thrive, grow, and lead.

For recent graduates, formal education doesn’t always prepare us for the realities of patient care, and encountering obstacles like an unfamiliar diagnosis can be stressful and disorienting. Without mentorship readily available, you may feel unprepared to help your patients get well and stay well. 

That’s why Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness focuses on supporting our therapists and staff with the mentoring, training, and confidence they need to build an exceptional career filled with positive patient outcomes.

Not Just a Job, But an Exciting, Rewarding Career

True healing takes time. That's why our therapists aren’t rushed or overwhelmed with a breakneck schedule. Instead, we prioritize quality over quantity, allowing our team to spend the proper one-on-one time with each patient. This approach ensures our therapists can thoroughly investigate diagnoses and develop personalized treatment plans aimed not just at addressing the immediate problem, but also preventing future occurrences. It's a philosophy that leads to better outcomes for our patients and a more fulfilling practice for our therapists.

We also believe continuous learning and mentorship are key to developing new graduates into top-tier physical therapists who are confident working with any patient and passionate about developing treatments for the most challenging cases.


From day one our physical therapists are immersed in a culture of excellence. You’ll receive:

  • hands-on training
  • paid education days
  • more time with patients to provide personalized care
  • ongoing support. 

At Precision, you’ll discover more than just a physical therapy job – you’ll build an exciting career.

Our diverse referral network trusts us to deliver exceptional patient outcomes, and our therapists are empowered to define their own unique treatment styles based on movement assessments. 

Applying for a PT Job at Precision is Easy!

  • Step 1: Application submission.
  • Step 2: informal and formal interviews.
  • Step 3: Optional office visit.

Treat with Confidence and Accelerate Your Career


With Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness, you’ll begin to gain greater fulfillment from PT than you ever thought possible thanks to the supportive team surrounding you, ready to tackle any patient and diagnosis.

Our environment of accelerated development will ensure you grow faster and more effectively than anywhere else. Precision is always looking to expand, so we are excited to offer our top-performing PTs opportunities to lead their own clinics.

At Precision, the journey of learning never stops. You’ll learn advanced treatment techniques and develop innovative thinking habits, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of the field. With our understanding of the challenges of burnout, we’ve created a working environment that prioritizes your well-being and ensures a sustainable and fulfilling career.