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Tip of the Week: Quadraped Rock-back (Hips Part 1)

This week we’re shifting focus from core strength to hip strength. Co-owner Dr. Chris Christensen, CSCS, DNSET and Fitness Director Dustin Miller demonstrate a basic exercise meant to isolate your hips and ensure they are getting the attention they need to help prevent back and leg strain over time. Whether you’re an athlete, runner, weekend warrior or just trying to develop proper movement skills, using your hips properly will not only lessen your chances of injury but also enhance your performance. You can follow along over the next few weeks simply integrating this simple set of exercises into your daily routine. We appreciate your comments so we can tailor these videos to our community of movement fans!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Intra-abdominal pressure with rolling (Core Part 3)

Dr. James Vegher (co-owners of Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness) and Fitness Director Dustin Miller bring us the most challenging core exercise yet, creating intra-abdominal pressure and incorporating your whole body weight by rolling. This exercise may sound easy, but done correctly it can be a great challenge for your core, back and hips.

We’re hiring Inpatient AND Outpatient Physical Therapists!

Compensation: Commensurate with experience
Employment type: part-time/full-time/contractor/per diem

Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness is seeking innovative and energetic inpatient and outpatient Physical Therapists and Certified Hand Therapists to join our practice in beautiful Santa Cruz, California.

Our curious and motivated team includes pelvic floor, neurological and sports medicine specialists, offering a diverse knowledge base of treatment techniques built around the shared principles of movement science, manual therapy and patient centered care. Precision is the largest private physical therapy practice in Santa Cruz County. Therapist owned and operated, our 5,200 square foot clinic is newly renovated offering open treatment space as well as 6 private exam rooms, a boutique fitness studio, and an expertly supportive administrative staff focused on effective customer education. Precision is seeking energetic applicants who want to revolutionize the rehab world one patient experience at a time and want to actively participate in a growing, fast-paced, team environment. Attitude, expectations and willingness to learn are more important to our hiring team than experience. New graduates or experienced practitioners looking for a workplace that allows individuals to thrive both inside and outside of the clinic are encouraged to apply by submitting a resume and cover letter to

A unique, mid-size city developed along Central California’s coastline, Santa Cruz is located just 2 hours north of Big Sur, 2 hours south of San Francisco, and 45 minutes west of the heart of Silicon Valley. While you won’t find the sprawling strip malls of Southern California or the fickle weather of Northern California, you will find a charming beach community including two state-of-the-art colleges and a reputable vacation destination for travelers from all over the world. Santa Cruz County offers epic coastlines, giant redwoods and several locally sourced, artistic city centers. Whether your perfect day includes mountain biking, wind-surfing, stand-up paddle, trail running or a simple stroll to your farm-to-table eatery, sushi bar or artisan ice cream shop, Santa Cruz has it all and year-round sunshine to match. Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness is proud to have been a staple of Santa Cruz health care and rehabilitative services for over 10 years, and is excited to continue to work with its neighbors and community partners to provide healing through education for many years to come.

James Vegher, DPT, DNSCP and Chris Christensen, DPT, CSCS, DNSET partnered to open Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness after years treating in traditional PT environments. Precision’s co-owners struggled to reconcile methods that improved speed of recovery and rendered long term results with traditional physical therapy techniques. They strove to create a teaching and learning environment based on natural human movement where neither therapists nor patients would be stifled by preconceptions about physical therapy. James and Chris believe every patient should leave therapy having met their goals, with a better understanding of their body and tools to stay pain-free for life.


Dr. James Vegher (co-owner of Precision Physical  Therapy & Fitness) and Fitness Director Dustin Miller take it to the next level this week by expanding on last week’s basic tip on properly engaging your core muscles. Watch and learn as they add some resistance to this concept and challenge Dustin’s ability to maintain proper form while bringing the heat: the weight of his arms and legs. If this exercise is easy, regardless of your fitness level, you are doing it incorrectly. We recommend practicing this movement for 10 -15 minutes per day or until you cannot maintain correct form due to fatigue in the lower abdominal area being exercised. This simple movement is a great alternative to crunches or traditional ab building exercises that advocate pulling your belly button to your spine while engaging your core, a movement that will unequivocally weaken your back and could even cause permanent damage. Happy muscle building!

Tip of the Week: Creating Intra-Abdominal Pressure (Core Part 1)

Dr. James Vegher (co-owner of Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness) and Fitness Director Dustin Miller demonstrate how to create intra-abdominal pressure (core part 1) in a series of videos demonstrating basic physical fitness and movement skills. The is the first in a series of three videos on establishing core strength, the first step in learning about proper human movement techniques. Learning how to create IAP will allow you the basic skill to breathe and contract your abs correctly. Follow us on YouTube, Facebook or here for weekly tips and tricks to keep your body healthy and fit!

DNS Running Course

DNS Sports Specific 3-Day Running Course
Santa Cruz, CA
May 6-8th, 2016


  • The course fee is $700 (USD)
  • In addition, there is a fee of 80 Euros (~100 dollars) for the Prague School
  • Please note that you MUST sign-up on the Prague School website prior to remitting payment for this course

Once you have completed registering with Prague School and paid the required fee, please click on the link below in order to complete the specific registration for the course. If you have any other questions please contact for further payment and reservation info. Due to the expense involved in hosting this event and the presenter from the Prague School, all registration payments are considered final, and will not be refunded except under special circumstances. Space will be limited in order to provide an ideal ratio between instructor and students. We will be limiting the number of spots available to 35-40. We have spots already reserved and expect the course to fill up quickly, so reserve your spot early to insure your ability to attend.

Prague School Registration

Pay for the course here

General Information

This specialized 3 day course will be focusing on an introduction of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) concepts and principles and how they specifically apply to the running athlete. Come and learn how the Prague School of Rehabilitation approaches the assessment, rehabilitation, and training of the running athlete.

Dynamic Neuromuscular (core) Stability is necessary for optimal performance and is not achieved purely by adequate strength of abdominals, spinal extensors, gluteals or any other musculature; rather, core stabilization is accomplished through the precise coordination, synergy, and intra-abdominal pressure regulation by the central nervous system.

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization according to Pavel Kolar provides functional tools to assess and activate the intrinsic spinal stabilizers in order to optimize the movement system for both pre-habilitation and rehabilitation of athletic injuries and performance!


Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness
9000 Soquel Ave. Suite# 103
Santa Cruz, CA 95062


Petra Valouchova, DPT, PhD
Michael Rintala, DC

Course Organizer/Contact

Jeff Moreno, DPT, OCS (
Michael Rintala, DC (

Hotel Recommendations

Best Western Seacliff Inn – Aptos, CA (
Rio Sands Hotel – Aptos, CA (

Course Objectives

  • Postural-locomotion function from a developmental perspective
  • Developmental kinesiology aspects for ideal stereotype of running and other sports performance
  • Biomechanics of gait and the running cycle
  • Basic core stabilization as a prerequisite for locomotion patterns
  • The role of the diaphragm during aerobic exercise; dual postural-respiratory diaphragmatic function
  • Correction and training of the proper breathing stereotype
  • The extremities functional differentiation for running – stepping forward and supporting function for the contralateral pattern of running
  • DNS exercise positions to train core stabilization as a prerequisite of the ideal running stereotype
  • Biomechanical and developmental kinesiology principles for foot centration & foot orthotics and selection of optimal shoes for different type of running
  • The most frequent types of musculoskeletal dysfunction resulting from non-optimal running stereotype and poor methodology of training: plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, knee pain, hip pain, low back pain
  • Stretching and coordination exercises from the developmental perspective in order to get ready for running; educating the runner

Poolside Chat

Following each day of instruction we are going to have a 1 hour open discussion on anything and everything related to the running athlete. This is a unique experience to help facilitate discussion and allow everybody to share their expertise and thoughts in an open forum. The discussion that will come out of this open forum will not disappoint!

Lisa Crouch

Lisa Crouch has been a personal trainer for 11 years. Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. She has been a class instructor and trainer for Precision Physical  Therapy & Fitness since 2012. She’s passionate about health and fitness and loves sharing that knowledge with her clients. Her focus is to guide her clients in making healthy lifestyle changes through exercise and nutrition.

Mailing Address

8030 Soquel Avenue, Suite #200,
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

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Precision is open and treating patients adhering to the necessary precautions to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Follow us on Facebook for updates. 

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