Hayden Block

Originally from Martinez, California, Dr. Hayden Block’s passion for fitness and human bio-mechanics began during weight training in the water polo off-season. He quickly developed a passion for exercise techniques and participating in weight training and exercise outside of sports.

Dr. Block fell in love with his first human anatomy course at Cuesta Community college. From there, he transferred to Sacramento State where he received a Bachelor Degree of Science in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, in 2013. After graduation, Dr. Block took a year and a half off of school to accrue physical therapy volunteer and aide hours, all while becoming a personal trainer. During this time, he worked primarily in corporate wellness, where he was quickly promoted to a Program Manager roll. Dr. Block has been a certified personal trainer since 2010 and has worked with individual clients and in a group setting throughout school. This experience helped to form his in depth understanding of the body and exercise.

After being accepted to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Azusa Pacific, Dr. Block moved to Glendora, CA, where he earned his doctorate.

Dr. Block is enthusiastic about living a healthy and active lifestyle. He particularly enjoys spending time outdoors while running, swimming, hiking, and lifting weights. Overall, Dr. Block wants to continue to grow his understanding of how the body moves, and how to help his patients stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Mailing Address

8030 Soquel Avenue, Suite #200,
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

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