Gavin Herr

Gavin Herr, CMT grew up in Livermore, California with his grandparents and mother. Growing up he was a multi-sport athlete and became fascinated by the body and human movement. After graduating from Whittier College with a B.A. in Kinesiology, Gavin and his wife, Jenny Vo, moved to Santa Cruz where Jenny Vo finished her degree at UCSC.

Gavin suffered an ACL tear in 2016 which spurred his interest in recovery and improving quality of life for those who had sustained injury within his community. He quickly decided to enroll in Massage Therapy school while working through his knee rehabilitation. Upon graduating Gavin began working in a number of Massage Therapy practices in Santa Cruz and eventually sought out Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness due to it’s renowned reputation for treating each unique body according to it’s individual needs. Gavin is pleased to be a member of the Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness team and hopes to continue to learn from the Doctors of Physical Therapy around him in order to help their client heal quickly and without complication.

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