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Dr. James Vegher (co-owner of Precision Physical  Therapy & Fitness) and Fitness Director Dustin Miller take it to the next level this week by expanding on last week’s basic tip on properly engaging your core muscles. Watch and learn as they add some resistance to this concept and challenge Dustin’s ability to maintain proper form while bringing the heat: the weight of his arms and legs. If this exercise is easy, regardless of your fitness level, you are doing it incorrectly. We recommend practicing this movement for 10 -15 minutes per day or until you cannot maintain correct form due to fatigue in the lower abdominal area being exercised. This simple movement is a great alternative to crunches or traditional ab building exercises that advocate pulling your belly button to your spine while engaging your core, a movement that will unequivocally weaken your back and could even cause permanent damage. Happy muscle building!

Tip of the Week: Creating Intra-Abdominal Pressure (Core Part 1)

Dr. James Vegher (co-owner of Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness) and Fitness Director Dustin Miller demonstrate how to create intra-abdominal pressure (core part 1) in a series of videos demonstrating basic physical fitness and movement skills. The is the first in a series of three videos on establishing core strength, the first step in learning about proper human movement techniques. Learning how to create IAP will allow you the basic skill to breathe and contract your abs correctly. Follow us on YouTube, Facebook or here for weekly tips and tricks to keep your body healthy and fit!

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