Cori Nickel

Cori Nickel grew up in Felton, CA and graduated with a degree in Professional Writing from Baylor University in 2009. After traveling and exploring various career opportunities, she began working at Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness as a Scheduling Coordinator in March of 2013. After acting as Practice Manager for over 3 years, Cori was excited to step into the Employee Experience Manager role in 2018.  Cori feels strongly that client empathy, education and transparency should be pillars of the healthcare industry. She strives to create a collaborative workplace that prioritizes human relationships.

Cori’s background in small business management, non-profit leadership, people management and marketing development has allowed her to contribute to and mediate Precision’s growth from a small to medium sized medical practice over the last few years. She enjoys working with a diverse staff that shares a passion for improving the lives of others and bettering their community.

Cori’s hobbies include hiking, gardening, reading, listening to music, pod casts and spending time with her 3 dogs, her friends and her family.

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Santa Cruz, CA 95062

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COVID-19 Communications

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