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Private Training

Our most personalized and detailed plan for the athlete who is committed to taking their game to the next level.

Runner’s Performance Clinic

The mission of our running clinic is to provide sound, expert clinical care in order that our clients can run uninterruped to meet all their desired goals.  Our interventions focus on indentifying movement faults and muscle imbalances with your current running pattern so training can begin to eliminate movement habits which are inhibiting you from achieving your desired performance.

Lower Extremity Performance

Coming March 2016: Essential for athletes of all ages and levels that want to return-to-sport after a hip, knee, ankle or foot injury. Experience proper lower extremity alignment, mobility, stability and strength for running, jumping and agility sports of all kinds.

Upper Extremity Performance

Coming March 2016: Return-to-sport training after shoulder, elbow, wrist, or hand injury. Work with our experts to develop proper mechanics and strength to support throwing, shooting, swimming and more.

Fit For Life

Fit For Life was designed specifically for individuals age 50+. Improve strength, flexibility and responsiveness all while improving control, balance and coordination and burning calories.

Precision Mechanics 1 & 2

Mechanics is a mat-based class that focuses on core activation and spine stabilization. Allow us to help you facilitate natural movement patterns that realign your joints and reactivate your infrequently used muscles so you feel stronger and move easier.

Precision Cross Training

Challenge  yourself to a better body all while improving posture, control and alignment! Come prepared to sweat during this interval training class designed for those who are comfortable with high impact activities like sprinting and jumping.

Lela McCalla

Lela graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelors of Science in Occupational Therapy and Psychology in 1998.

She has worked in patient rehabilitation in acute rehabilitation setting, acute hospital setting, and outpatient setting seeing patients with both orthopaedic and neurological conditions.

Prior to working at Precision Physical Therapy, she worked at Dominican Hand Therapy from 2006-2016 and worked at Dominican Hospital from 2001-2006.

She has completed many advanced training courses, becoming a Certified Hand Therapist is 2013.

She became interested in Occupational Therapy while in school due to its focus on a holistic approach and focus on activities of daily living. She loves finding adaptive methods for her clients to continue to do what they love until they are healed.  She did her volunteer work with a Certified Hand Therapist and fell in loving with the art of splinting.

She has lived in California Bay area her whole life but has traveled abroad in previous years.

She lives in Santa Cruz area with her husband and young son. She enjoys hiking, dancing, fishing and playing with her son.

Ashley Antaya

Ashley has been providing quality fitness coaching and personal training since 2012. She enjoys implementing Precision’s movement-based philosophy with a broad spectrum of clientele and strives to aid her clients build a foundation of pain-free, optimal movement. Ashley is passionate and committed to helping others achieve movement and fitness goals that lead them toward the quality of life they desire.


Cori Nickel

Cori Nickel grew up in Felton, CA and graduated with a degree in Professional Writing from Baylor University in 2009. After traveling and exploring various career opportunities, she began working at Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness as a Scheduling Coordinator in March of 2013. After acting as Practice Manager for over 3 years, Cori was excited to step into the Employee Experience Manager role in 2018.  Cori feels strongly that client empathy, education and transparency should be pillars of the healthcare industry. She strives to create a collaborative workplace that prioritizes human relationships.

Cori’s background in small business management, non-profit leadership, people management and marketing development has allowed her to contribute to and mediate Precision’s growth from a small to medium sized medical practice over the last few years. She enjoys working with a diverse staff that shares a passion for improving the lives of others and bettering their community.

Cori’s hobbies include hiking, gardening, reading, listening to music, pod casts and spending time with her 3 dogs, her friends and her family.

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