Running Performance Clinic at the Precision Wellness Center


I am proud to introduce the Running Performance Clinic at the Precision Wellness Center on the campus of Cabrillo College. The Running Performance Clinic is dedicated to providing an athlete-centered environment for runners that can efficiently enhance the movement system and bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance.

The Precision Running Programs are aimed at uncovering the specific asymmetries in your running pattern. Whether you are in pain or not, asymmetries lead to inefficiencies and repeated abnormal movement patterns, which ultimately create tissue damage and pain. If left unaddressed running may no longer be an option for you. The identification of these asymmetries allows for the prescription of a precise corrective exercise program to remedy your specific imbalances and inefficiencies ultimately allowing for skilled running and uninterrupted training.

The entire program is based on peer reviewed research and clinical expertise that deals specifically with the skill of running and injury prevention.

My objective is to develop and deliver the best rehabilitation to performance programs that are specific to the patient’s/client’s goals. My desire is to promote running as a healthy lifestyle, and bring that lifestyle to the community, the Central Coast, California’s youth, and nationally.

Check out the link ( to a video of the Precision Wellness Center.

Enjoy the Process!!

Jeff Moreno, DPT, OCS

Precision Sports Performance


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